Anyone here signed up for this? it starts in exactly 1 day

Legolas Exchange incorporates a decentralized ledger within its proprietary centralized platform in order to neutralize front-running and guarantee the unalterability, temporality, and transparency of the order book.

Legolas Exchange’s unique hybrid model and strategic partnerships provide a fair and secure trading environment in which every type of transaction, intra-chain, cross-chain, and crypto/fiat, is executable.

Thus, unlike fully decentralized exchanges, Legolas can cover 100% market share with full transparency and security.” ^(

[Image: a8b3ac25dd.jpg]

CEO: ^(
WHITEPAPER:…r.pdf?v=12 ^(
bitcointalk: ^(

I think this has amazing potential to be honest

Looking for a partner on a new forum project….

Looking for a partner to work on a new project with me, I have been working on forums for the last 10 years now and have built a very successful gaming community, which unfortunately is not around any more. Looking to turn my attention to something new.

I have a very specific niche to base the site around, but also will have other subjects around this niche.

I am looking for a few members to join the team and get this website up on its feet.

I will develop…etc but need people to help with the site.

If you are interested just shoot me a message (PM) with your skills and your main subject your interested in and I will let you know if i feel you could help of not.

How To Make 3D World Globe Logo Design | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Hello !

the final result of the tutorial
[Image: b0c0b450948703.58dde96812eb4.png]
img link ^(
The tutorial (Step by step for beginner)

Youtube link ^(
This tutorial is so simple any one can do it
if you have any questions please ask
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Good luck !

My First serious journey. MISSION: LEARN AND EARN +20$/DAY, then scale.

Hey blackhaters.
All my first letters on the post of this thread will be in red, so you will can see without problem the steps.


Since I was 16 I had my own shop online. There, I was selling gold in games, specifically on MMORPG. Bot, multiclients, good scripts and go on, go make money for me. I remember on that game I had like 30 characters at same time. It was crazy. Funny game and memories.
But at this…

My First serious journey. MISSION: LEARN AND EARN +20$/DAY, then scale. ^(

London Gets UnGagged Again In 2018

We’re a bunch of sellouts. We sold out London in 2017. We sold out Las Vegas 2017. Now we’re gearing up to sell out London again in 2018!

[​IMG] ^(

Get UnGagged.

Don't expect any overshared Conventional wisdom, overused best-practice lists or oversold Guru "methods" that give you nothing new to work with.


London Gets UnGagged Again In 2018 ^(