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Hello Hack Forums Family!

No fancy thread design. I just wanted to talk to you guys real quick about our new updated forum. I still have some minor things to fix here and there but the design is almost complete. I do work in IT full time but ezee is a high priority for me, so I am making time.

[Image: xHlkSEQQSbaoj0ZpTRTH5A.png] ^(http://www.rinkurajguru.com/goto/https://www.ezeeforums.com/index.php)


For those of you who are familiar with the name ezee this community is based off the large forum ezeegaming.com from 2012-2014. In the short time it had nearly 200k posts. I regret having to close that site due to 2 jobs and college everyday. With that I have committed myself to putting 110% into the new ezee.

About ezee:

ezeeforums.com ^(http://www.rinkurajguru.com/goto/https://www.ezeeforums.com/index.php) has been around for a few months now and we are nearing 13k posts. The forum is still finding it’s direction but we focus on general topics, tech, gaming, memes, anime, entrepreneur, crypto, and more. The staff and I try to keep the site as laid back as possible. Banning, deleting posts, closing threads is a rare occurrence on ezee. Pretty much anything goes except no hacking discussion, advertising forums, etc.


We are offering our first group up for sale here ^(http://www.rinkurajguru.com/goto/https://ezeeforums.com/thread-1958.html). I wanted the first group to go to the most dedicated member so it can be purchased with in forum currency. We also offer awards and custom awards.

Promote your personal site/blog here ^(http://www.rinkurajguru.com/goto/https://www.ezeeforums.com/forum-35.html)
Promote your social media content here ^(http://www.rinkurajguru.com/goto/https://www.ezeeforums.com/forum-12.html)
Promote/sell your products/services here ^(http://www.rinkurajguru.com/goto/https://www.ezeeforums.com/forum-29.html)
Sell graphic design services here ^(http://www.rinkurajguru.com/goto/https://www.ezeeforums.com/forum-19.html)


I’d love to hear some feedback good or bad. Thanks for taking a look guys! I appreciate you guys.

https://www.ezeeforums.com/ ^(http://www.rinkurajguru.com/goto/https://www.ezeeforums.com/index.php)

Private Money Making Method | Easy Doubling of Invesment

Private Money Making Method

You’ll be able to double your profit easily! This is not some method you’ve seen before, I’ll keep this thread short, all I can say is this method has huge potential. You need investment in this method. Once you’ve done the method, you’ll be doubling the money you invested whether in bitcoin, paypal, skrill, or webmoney.

I won’t be releasing a lot of copies. I am limiting this to 5 slots only. This method is easy to do as long as you’re willing. Each time you want money, you have to work and spend time for it. This is not autopilot, if you want money, you work and do the method. Also, this is grey.

You can choose what you invest. You can invest using bitcoin, paypal, skrill, webmoney and withdraw profit to bitcoin, paypal, skrill or webmoney. It depends on what work bests for you. I will be giving you full support as you earn money.

This is only for those who are willing to make good money, please don’t waste my time.

If this has huge potential, then why are you selling it?
As you’ve read, this requires investment, I don’t have huge money to invest and that’s why I’m selling this and use the earnings to invest.

Are you giving out vouch copies?
No, but I am giving vouch discount + pay after to one reputable user. This user will pay me 50% of the price and will only pay after trying the method. Reply below if you want to receive this vouch discount + pay after and I’ll decide if I give it to you or wait for someone else.

How much do I need to invest?
It depends on you, but you can invest any amount you want as long as you have the budget for it!

Price: $1000

Available Copies: 5/5

Payment Accepted: Bitcoin, Ethereum, most of cryptos

I started an “anime” Youtube Channel

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR5yxhk…f5m9O_Jclg ^(http://www.rinkurajguru.com/goto/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR5yxhkcHd5t2f5m9O_Jclg)

Here you can watch the best plot filled hentai series with no actual hentai stuff in them, just all the plot as god intended.

Wanting some feedback <3

Here is my mal club: https://myanimelist.net/clubs.php?cid=75908 ^(http://www.rinkurajguru.com/goto/https://myanimelist.net/clubs.php?cid=75908)