Removing the Ebook section


Honestly, why don’t we remove the ebook section?
I’m getting really sick of the bullshit ”MAKE 300K IN A YEAR”-topics…
Everyone who has been here for some time knows every ebook on there is utter bullshit, just from the principle that anyone wouldn’t sell a method if it made him that much money,

Literally it’s a section where we scam the new members and show them how shitty our community can be, it doesn’t add anything to the forum.

Isn’t it time to just remove it alltogether with all the scams?

Withdraw WAVES from Liqui to Bittrex

Hi all,

I am trying to withdraw WAVES from Liqui to Bittrex. I keep getting “Unable to verify if address correct.”

Bittrex tells me:
There is some confusion for how to deposit to Bittrex due to the Lite client that will be addressed in a future client update.

Please test with a small deposit of 1.01 WAVES first.

When depositing TO Bittrex from the lite client, you must prepend 1W to the destination address.

When sending FROM Bittrex to another lite client, you need to remove the 1W part of the address.

I have tried it WITH 1W and WITHOUT 1W and both are not working. I keep getting the same error. Anyone know the solution?

Thanks for the help!