Essay Writing [Ph.D Student]

Hi guys,

I am currently completing my PhD and have both a BS and Master’s degree. I am happy to write essays and have a great deal of experience in writing. I am a published author and have been doing graduate-level writing for quite some time. I will create a more organized thread if I am able to get some business here. Posting this thread to see what’s out there.

Feel free to PM me with what you need and I will get back to you within hours. Can accommodate <24 hour requests.

eBook/Method Writing Service

Hey guys.

I’ve been PMed MANY times with people asking me to write eBooks for them due to how well my methods are written.

Because of this, I am offering a eBook writing service!

If you have a sick method, and need it in proper format and well written but don’t have the time to do so, hit my PMs with your offer.

I can also proxy host your sales thread for a small additional price.

Easy 2% a day?

I hate the idea of shorting to make a profit.
Because it can easily go wrong and you can lose a heap of coins,
so I try to keep most of my money in long term holds.

But say i take out a small portion of my coins to trade daily and pick a coin that’s expected to have a quiet few weeks
do you think it’s easy to make an easy 1 – 2 % a day with low risk?

it looks like it is might be easy enough.

1 – 2 % a day would be perfect

Selling Fully Setup Shopify Store

The store is a hot niche with multiple products, but 2 of the products are the hot ones that are very marketable and profitable. The buyer of the store will get my support and I’ll teach you how to market the products. The store comes with the domain, oberlo connected, products fully setup, everything you need to start marketing!

I’m selling because I’m focusing on my main store that’s generating a good amount of money. I thought I would be able to work on two stores but I’d rather scale up my main one.

Accepting Offers.

PM me or reply if you have any questions or are interested in buying.

Is this a good gaming computer?

I’m looking to customize a gaming computer and this is the setup I’ve come up with atm.

The main game I play is RS3, but I want to look into games on Steam, minecraft, LoL, and WoW.

If someone could help me out and customize a PC on ^(, that’d be great. 

I’m looking for a computer that’s reliable, can run those games on Ultra settings, and is upgradeable. 

Something within cost please. 🙂