hi allz..

i scan a webserver with vulscan and i got the result alot of cve my goal is now how to exploit any 1 vulnerability from them to access into the server ..
sorry for my bad English .. below is the link of vulscan report thank you in advance .. ^(

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Do these work worldwide?
Yes, you can execute these methods no matter where you are from.

What does your refund guarantee mean?
I'm providing refunds to anyone who is not able to earn using these methods. Given that the methods are all guaranteed profit, it's pretty much impossible not to be able to earn. I will NOT give refunds to people who simply don't want to use the method or claim that they already knew about the methods beforehand. I will work with you to find a suitable alternative but simply claiming that you already knew about the methods will not work.

paypal got limited on my old ebay

do i have to make a new ebay and start over from scratch if my ebay account got my paypal limited? i can’t remember if my ebay was banned or not but i still use it for buying and everything looks normal on the seller page. i think i got a thing telling me my ebay was banned or limited or selling but i looked through all my old emails and didnt see one there just one from paypal.

can i use this ebay account to start selling? im afraid if i link my paypal to it it’ll just instantly lock my paypal or something but i’ve been buying stuff with it with my new paypal. i don’t mind starting a new account it’s just this account has a bunch of positive reviews, it has 100% feedback, lot of buys and some sales, it has thousands of listings i can use, and it has the option to promote listings and stuff.

Is it jarring when your FPS fluctates below 144 on a 144Hz monitor?

I’m thinking of getting a gaming laptop which has a 1060 and I know the 1060 is good, but it’s not quite Carling. Since I’ve only ever used 60Hz displays, the difference between 60FPS and even 50FPS is quite noticable. Is the difference between, say, 60, 90, 120, 130, and 144 FPS noticiable and off-putting?

I have no intentions to be a dickhead but.

There is some random kid going around the internet that sells “Lifetime Web Hosting” which is ddos protected by OVH while he is getting it for free, anyways my question here is if anyone knows from where he gets it i will put images since i won one of his giveaways for lifetime web hosting lmao, the only reason i’m doing this is cause i don’t want someone profiting off something he gets for free.

Here is a picture with the plan including my domain name that he hosts currently: [Image: vehkbp3p.png]

Here is some of the domains he hosts including mine with plan name and expiration: [Image: 5ds5s3bc.png]

Also i forgot to mention his “Sales” website for “High end OVH ddos proteced lifetime web hosting” is ^(

I want to know his provider cause i want to leak it in some shitty forum like nulled or lmao so pakis can enjoy.

Surprisingly his backend really points to OVH funny tho that the hosting he is offering is only via DNS no nameservers just an ovh ip pointing on the A record.