who are people you don’t like to associate with?

I can talk to practically anyone and give anyone a chance.. but when i involved my friend in a conversation with a full on emo (guy with gothic style hair & clothes)  he just backed off cus he told me there are people he doesn’t wanna talk to on default for example: weebs, gothics, emos, punks, skinheads, weirdos and those people who think they are gang associated and live in a movie

are there people you guys don’t want to associate with and why?

Scammed 30$ by 6ix9ine – uid=2303490

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Username: 6ix9ine
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I’ve contacted him to do a currency exchange, my 30$ BTC for his Paypal.
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After I sent him the BTC, he’s ignoring me, declined read receipts for 2 of my pms and still ignoring me.
I’ve sent a warning and still.

BTC Transaction: https://blockchain.info/tx/91bdc569710e7…c842e95552 ^(http://www.rinkurajguru.com/goto/https://blockchain.info/tx/91bdc569710e7c419097ba2736fd650dd7acc39635616006b62ba8c842e95552)

Sent PMS:
[Image: 113cdb75bd2562015cc42e74a7a8ff0a.png]

[Image: c7c6884bcfa11fca57b41b7afd98f4de.png]

One of my last messages
[Image: 7924b7a58d7ed2e4ee4f613df580f471.png]

My Last Warning
[Image: 2e2d6fa8a5e5552c0a0121991c93e44e.png]

His last message
[Image: abe006d8019ef4fb77a017b444fb0747.png]

Thank you.


People have been telling be to post something that I have coded so here!

Idk what you guys will do with this code I coded this a while a go on visual basic.  Also you can use this as a MD5 binder if you tweak some stuff

Scans through MD5 Hashes
I recommend using short lists of hashes
It is set up to use C:\md5.txt as the virus list
Imports System.IO

Imports System.Security
Imports System.Security.Cryptography
Public Class Form1

    Function md5_hash(ByVal file_name As String)
        Return hash_generator(“md5”, file_name)
    End Function

    Function hash_generator(ByRef hash_type As String, ByRef file_name As String)

        Dim hash
        hash = MD5.Create

        Dim hashValue() As Byte

        Dim filestream As FileStream = File.OpenRead(file_name)
        filestream.Position = 0
        hashValue = hash.ComputeHash(filestream)
        Dim hash_hex = PrintByteArray(hashValue)


        Return hash_hex
    End Function

    Public Function PrintByteArray(ByRef array() As Byte)

        Dim hex_value As String = “”

        Dim i As Integer
        For i = 0 To array.Length – 1

            hex_value += array(i).ToString(“x2”)
        Next i

        Return hex_value.ToLower
    End Function

    Private Sub btnBrowse_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnBrowse.Click
        If OpenFileDialog1.ShowDialog = Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK Then
            Dim path As String = OpenFileDialog1.FileName
            txtFilePath.Text = path

            Dim sample As String
            sample = md5_hash(path)
            txtHash.Text = md5_hash(path)

            Using f As System.IO.FileStream = System.IO.File.OpenRead(“C:\md5.txt”)
                Using s As System.IO.StreamReader = New System.IO.StreamReader(f)
                    While Not s.EndOfStream
                        Dim line As String = s.ReadLine

                        If (line = sample) Then
                            lblResult.Text = “Infected!”
                            lblResult.ForeColor = Color.Red
                            lblResult.Text = “Clean!”
                            lblResult.ForeColor = Color.Green
                        End If
                    End While
                End Using
            End Using
        End If
    End Sub
End Class

Download: mega.nz/#F!A1JgnRoK!rqoC2vYr0NiWCHI-1PYe-Q

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Offering PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS Web Services- Low Cost

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