Easiest Way To Pin 20+ Pins From One Board To Others?

I am desperately looking for an automation tool that would help me pin 20+ pins from a single board to several others. I am using a lot of accounts, so Tailwind or others similar to it are not gonna help since they only allow pinning from one (or 5) account(s) depending on the package.

Please let me know if you have solid experience with some automation software, bot, or tool, I am manually pinning constantly and it's costing me a lot of time.

Thanks a bunch!

PS: Sorry, only now I'm…

Easiest Way To Pin 20+ Pins From One Board To Others? ^(http://www.rinkurajguru.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/easiest-way-to-pin-20-pins-from-one-board-to-others.1031421/)

Creating a support group for people in need.

Hello everyone,

Me and a friend decided on making a website yesterday it’s going to be a website where people can come on and chat and we’re going to have meetups every week or two once we get everything started (This part will be locally obviously in the north east of england) One day we may be to extend this wider.

For the time being we’re going to be inviting people to a discord server where they can anonymously chat via text or voice (Our website will have a basic landing page tomorrow with a link to the discord on it and such)

I’ve lost 4 friends in 2 years to suicide the latest one was under 48 hours ago, I think it’s time to stand up and actually do something and let people know that there are people out there who care.

People are sick of going and talking to a person in a suit who’s clearly bored sitting doing his job for money. We’re not even taking cash donations (Been offered and declined for the time being) we are purely here too help and I want these people to see that.

Just to paint the picture I posted about making this group on Facebook yesterday had loads of feedback from it and even had 2 people sit and talk to me for about an hour each saying they were debating suicide and why they were. We had a long chat and they told me how grateful they were to be able to talk to someone and let it all out (One of these members was from hack-forums from my previous topic looking for cheap hosting for the site) I’ve asked for permission to say that and they’ve said that’s fine.

I’m sorry for the long post but I just want to say we all know people who are struggling and not everyone shows that this is the case, we tend to not deal with things that we could help with so easily. All I’m saying is if you think a friend may be struggling tell them that you are there for them (The 4 guys I knew were always happy on the outside). It’s not just depression either loneliness was a massive killer last year.

There is a a horrible stigma about males speaking out these days and they need to “Be a man” we need to get rid of this stigma and let people speak out even if it is anonymously on the likes of discord for the time being its a step in the right direct.

As I’ve already said.. I’ve had a fair bit of feedback and people have been asking to help, as I believe people may end up pming me on here wanting to help also the only things I can think of at the moment:

  • Someone who can do GFX work such as banner / logo for the website. The name of the group is LetsTalkNorthEast I’ve already bought the hosting and the .com+.co.uk domains.
  • People to help talk to people on the likes of discord. (Possibly people who’ve dealt with problems in the past and overcome them) Also mature members please.
  • Feedback and ideas on what else could be done.
  • A video tutorial on how to create a discord account (We’re going to get all sorts of people coming on and some may not be great with tech)

If you’ve actually read all this then thank you very much for your time. There’s more then likely loads of horrible grammar errors and spelling but its been an extremely long 2 days getting everything sorted and its 1am at the moment.

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