almost knifed yesterday

so after returning from a party me and my friends got some kebab on the streets. a wild man appears with a six pack and he begins talking about what-the-fuck-ever. he says something i find a little funny and i without thinking do this sort of laughter where tons of spit squirts out of your mouth. it gets like right in this guy’s face and he freezes completely. i clearly see that he gets mad plus hes prretty drunk and he draws a fucking switchblade on us and comes towards me with it. guy is drunk so i just fucking ran full speed. i guess its my fault for spitting him in the face but hell dont draw a knife pls.

We can connect to our network drives wirelessly but….

Hey guys not sure if I am just having a brain fart or what, but we have 2 network drives connects to our main server. We actually just upgraded our system to a new tower and the old one worked fine both ways.

Anyways, we cannot access the drives when we are connected through an ethernet cable but we can wirelessly.

Anyone have any idea on what could be causing our issue?