How to modify data a program sends to site

So there’s .NET app which scans a game you play and send some data about it to a profile in a website.
How can I intercept and modify that data so it sends data I want instead of the actual data?

Let’s say it sends “this guy has 10 characters, 100 gold in game” and I want to make it send as “20 characters and 1000 gold”
(I don’t talk about cheating in game, it’s just a third-party site which keeps some stats that’s all)

It should be very easy for anyone with knowledge I guess. Can you help me please?
I can tell the program via pm if anyone’s interested to take a look

Thanks in advance!

Verge (XVG)

Hello everyone, I am creating this thread because I want to keep all of the Verge conversations in one place instead of people making threads all the time should I buy now or should I sell now? I am currently holding 7634 (XVG). Just hoping for the best with this coin I invested $500 into it which isn’t that much if it has room to grow. If you have anything you want to say about this coin or ask just comment on the thread and someone should answer your question.