Ero Anime But Just The Plot

Hello HF weebs, I got my custom url for my channel: ^(

Everything seems to be doing well, lots of new “anime” videos. Currently doing a spooky series for Halloween.

Any suggestions on how I can improve my channel would be great.

My series for Halloween:

Facebook Attribution now available to all advertisers

Quote:Why marketers should care

The free tool is powered by the Facebook Pixel and can report on campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger.. The reports are designed to show how Facebook ad campaigns are impacting actions throughout the customer journey and which channels are driving traffic, conversions and purchases.

Like Google, Facebook’s data-driven attribution model uses machine learning to account for incremental conversions driven by ads across its platforms.

“Using new data-driven attribution model, you can see how your ads on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger are contributing to incremental business results compared to if you were not running ads,” writes Facebook on its business blog.

The reports offer cross-device conversion visualizations (example shown below), insights into purchases resulting from paid, organic and direct sources, as well as conversion and visit metrics broken down by sources.


Read the whole article. ^(

Vaxton [UID:3696619] Helping og666 [UID:3886494] ratting people on HF

In relation to this thread: ^(

Tldr; og666 didn’t wanna do his method with his “python script” in my VM because he claimed it would not work in a VM. I didn’t trust him and he told me to ask vaxton. I Pm’d vaxton and got a response. I did it and got ratted with this file…0/behavior ^(

I was only infected for a few seconds as i use glasswire and saw that a new connection from a file called tmp.exe was appearing. I instantly turned off my internet and cleaned my computer so his attempt wasn’t the best. Poor guy.

Screenshots of conversations: ^( (Him telling me that vaxton can vouch) ^( (Vaxtons reply) ^( ^( (Some more conversation with og666) ^( (Me exposing his bad attempt and he had already deleted me :grin:)

Also, as soon as i asked vaxton afterwards why he was vouching for a scammer whose script didn’t even worked (even though he claimed it did) i got neg repped, idgaf but this behaviour is just sketchy as fuck.

[PREMIUM QUALITY] Diplomas, Doctors Notes, Bills, Certificates, ETC

[Image: n91ndMi.jpg]

After an internal debate and checking with the help info, I’ve found this is a perfectly acceptable service to offer due to the parody nature of the documents. Documentation submitted to verify identities on different sites must be confirmed with me beforehand so as to avoid legal complications.

DM me for orders, only dealing on site.

P.S. Shipping costs will be determined after the initial order if you require a physical copy, and will be as low as possible while still retaining tracking and safety.