Help with expired domains for SEO

So I run an adult site and I've found a couple of expired domains with backlinks from some sites with good da and pa. If I buy those domains and redirect them to my main site. Is there any risk in that…or will it help my ranking? I found a good domain with backlinks from about 8 sites with 30+ DA but the 8 sites all have the same ip. This is my first attempt at SEO so I don't know if that's a red flag.

Will those backlinks become backlinks for my site?
Could I be penalised for this?


Help with expired domains for SEO ^(

Adsense – what do I do

Hi guys :).

I have some neat niche idea for Adsense.

This niche is great for me because im interested in it and because theres low competition, I didnt see any SEOers on this field honestly.

I will start a blog and write articles promoting (and describing) things that are quite extreme topics like ABORTION, ETC

Now I am scared my website might not get approved lol or it will get banned.

Of course abortion is not my niche LOL but you can see its extreme topic.

So is it…

Adsense – what do I do ^(

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need help regarding driving traffic from instagram to youtube

i have a instagram account with full active users everyday i am getting about 250 to 300 likes and some comments also but the thing is that i want to drive this traffic to my youtube channel so i can earn channels content is same of my instagram page.So there is no problem like different niche and non interest etc.but i want to know that how can i organise my instagram posts and account so i can drive traffic to my youtube channel